About Us

About Us

Logan & Teresa Roddy

After spending several years in law enforcement, Logan as a K-9 handler and Teresa as a school resource officer, they wanted to pursue a career that allowed them to continue serving the public while allowing them more time with their family. In 2018, the couple founded an exterior cleaning company based around family and creating an exceptional customer experience. They named the business MAKER Power Washing, which is named after their five children.

“We are incredibly blessed to have an opportunity to start our small business. It has been an awesome journey so far and we can not wait to see where this adventure takes us. For those of you who don’t know the reason we named it MAKER: M-maycee, A-ayden, K-kaylee, E-eileigh, R-riley. Each letter is one of our children’s first initials. They are a HUGE reason we decided to set out in building our own business so why not name the whole thing after them. ” 

MAKER Power Washing Employees

David is married with six children. He enlisted in the military at age 17 where he spent 14 1/2 years serving his country. After exiting the military, David worked asan armed security agent protecting those most affected by Hurricane Katrina. David then ventured into working with a tow boat company where he graduated the USCG captains school. In 2018, David moved to NWA to work on his farm and enjoy spending time with his family. 

Power Washing in Northwest Arkansas

At MAKER Power Washing, we offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will come back and make it right. We stand by our work and strive to make all of our clients thrilled with our services — guaranteed!