Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do we power wash roofs? The answer is no. Power washing a roof will damage the shingles and require replacement. We use a soft wash method which applies a chemical solution at a very low pressure. The solution is allowed to dry on the roof for maximum working affects.

  • How do we clean windows? Our window cleaning method includes two different methods. We do the traditional window cleaning method with a squeegee, bucket, and mop. Our second method includes using a water fed pole. The water fed pole method uses technology to purify water, a soft bristle brush, and an extension pole that can reach 50 feet without leaving the ground. Both achieve superior results.


  • How often should I clean my gutters? We recommend cleaning your gutters four times per year. Once every quarter. This allows the gutters to remain debris free year around. It eliminates the chances of gutter following behind your gutter line onto your fascia and soffit boards. Four times per year also helps eliminate wasp and dirt dobber nest from clogging gutters.